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Web Hosting

what i mean is that, i don’t have to pay anything, but i get a public ip address??

public ip in the sense that i can type the IP address on the address bar, and still it will go to my website?? thanks..

i dont want this IP addresses, or or

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8 Responses to “is there a free web hosting where i get a public ip address?”

  1. Dolphin Hosting Says:

    Small Business Web Hosting

    You can get it, but its not free. You’d be looking at $20/month at least.

  2. Says:

    Hide Folders

    If you wish to say that you need a company that offers you free web hositng and that too with a free public IP, then its really not possible unless the web hosting owner is your friend or relative…

    I would recommend you to go for a cheap web hosting plan such as the ones offered by ..

    Once you have signed up with their package, you can then buy dedicated IP – also known as public IP depending on the cost as offered by the company.. The same company also offered free dedicated IP with their reseller plans but those plans then range upto $20 per month on US servers and £20 per month.

    Good luck with your decision and search..!

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  5. Сергей Says:


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  8. Light Says:

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