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Web Hosting

I need a free web hosting thing that doesn’t put up its ads in your website and allows you to put up your own.

NOTE: I am currently looking at and was wondering do they let you have your own ads?

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5 Responses to “Web hosting w/o ads and lets you put in your own?”

  1. Free Screensavers Says:

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    Most free websites don’t allow you to have your own ads. Also, almost no free web hosting is going to have no ads. That’s why they can give you “free” web hosting: ads.

  2. RSS Feed Reader Says:

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    Check the above link.. I’m also using a free host from

    This is my blog..

    Cheers !
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  3. Small Business Web Hosting Says:

    I’m not sure about 000webhosting, but I know that X10 hosting lets you use your own ads on your site.

    If that doesn’t work for you, try looking here for other free hosts.

  4. Kolya Says:


  5. Says:…

    Я больше 2х лет вплотную обеспокоен этой проблемой и считаю ваши идеи немного легкомысленными …

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