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which is the best ecommerce web hosting site?
I am a little puzzled, almost all the answers that I have received deal with PHP ecommerce hosting and not ASP ecommerce hosting. unfortunately I am not too familiar with the PHP environment.

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  1. Free Screensavers Says:

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    Prostores is one of the best. Its simple enough for the people who aren’t interested in changing the code that much and just want to sell.


    Carbonfrost Systems
    Free Tech Support To All

  2. Small Business Web Hosting Says:

    Small Business Web Hosting

    You can try web hosting from website like .

  3. Free Screensavers Says:

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    or jst use ebay

  4. Free Screensavers Says:

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    I suggest that you use open source PHP scripts for ecommerce like OSCommerce in setting up your website. According to their website, it “is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend which can be easily installed and configured over a web-based installation procedure.”

    If you are looking for a host that support OScommerce, I suggest you go for My Webbie Hosting. You can install OSCommerce in just a single click because they already pre-installed it.

    Besides, My Webbie Hosting’s plans are very affordable and superb. The cheapest is $3.95/month, but it already includes 1.5 G disk space, 150 G bandwidth, 50 email accounts, FREE domain name registration, etc.

  5. Dolphin Hosting Says:

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    First of all, make sure you get a webhost with TOLL FREE support. People skip out on this and regret it later.

    I can recommend I’ve used them for nearly 3 years and hosted about 20 websites with them. Price is $5.95/ month. You can also have up to 50 separate websites per account.

    You can also try they offer some good hosting reviews.


  6. Free Screensavers Says:

    Dolphin Hosting

    Just look for a web host that supports the popular open-source eCommerce solutions like ZenCart or osCommerce, or my personal favorite, Drupal’s eCommerce. Look for a host that has the Fantastico auto-installer and you can be up and running with just a few mouse clicks without having to do installation or configure the databases or any of that technical stuff that requires pouring over a 500-page computer manual to figure out.

    There ARE some things to consider when picking a web host for ANY dynamic application…

    1) Make sure the database server is sitting on the same physical machine as the web server (for speed and reliability)

    2) Make sure you have access to CRON (scheduled tasks, for maintenance and automatically notifying search engines when you have new content)

    3) A reasonable number of email addresses and sub-domains that you can configure yourself (for targeting your marketing and search engine optimization efforts)

  7. Small Business Web Hosting Says:

    Free Screensavers

    Hostgator. Free plug-ins for ecommerce included. I use it for my business and it’s been very reliable and awesome.

  8. Dolphin Hosting Says:

    Free Screensavers

    Why Not look At ZaxiHosting Plans?
    Shared Hosting Starting At around 3$.
    Cpanel/Fantastico Included too.
    They have great uptime and all day available support.
    I have a reseller account there and I’m very satisfy

  9. Dolphin Hosting Says:

    Free Screensavers

    I would like to suggest following webhosting which I use, they are excellent.


    They offer hosting of “unlimited domains” and you will get massive webspace of 600000 MB (600 GB ). They only charge $5.95/month and they offer “a free Domain Name” and installing service called “Fantastico”. By using Fantastico, you could create own forum, photo gallery, shopping cart (e-commerce),your own auction site and your own blogs within few seconds. They also offer “Free Website Builder” as well.
    Visit the site to check details.


    More the list of BEST WEB HOSTING sites visit

  10. Small Business Web Hosting Says:

    Free Screensavers

    In order to answer this properly, I would have a few questions for you:

    1. Where are you located, who will you sell to?
    2. Are you looking for simple do-it-yourself tools, custom development, or advanced hosted solutions?
    3. Do you have a budget in mind?

    If you are tech savvy i recommend getting yourself acquainted with a good hosting company that provides a solid platform for you to code on and install applications. Who you choose is dependent on your location. If you are in Europe, I recommend choosing a European provider, in North America you go with a North American provider. They can best help you meet the needs of your target clients.

    If you are not so tech savvy, take a look at solutions like Prostores. Or look for custom development companies in your area.

    Mike Muise
    Internet Industry Professional.

  11. Free Screensavers Says:

    Small Business Web Hosting

    Actually most top hosting company provides ecommerce utilities in their package because most of the ecommerce software has free service with options to upgrade such as Zen Cart, CubeCart or AgoraCart. So I suggest you take a look at the ecommerce cart software first and check out their features and capability. when you have found one that you want to use then research for the top hosting company that includes that ecommerce software. Below is the resources for comparing web hosting. hope that helps a bit.

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