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I try to sign in but it sends me back to the homepage and just shows me current offers and tries to get me to sign up for an account.. but i already have one, and its showing up on my credit card balance. I’ve tried yahoo help but nothing there worked. I’m hoping someone can answer my question before I have to call yahoo tech support!

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    Dolphin Hosting

    Call tech. support because it may never be resolved……

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    I don’t know… I’ve paid for a domain name and have a website ready to publish and Yahoo! has made it absolutely impossible and utterly frustrating to get my website up and running. I’ve never been more frustrated or angry. Most un-user-friendly web hosting services I’ve ever experienced. I feel like I’ve been completely gypped… Yahoo! has really dropped the ball. They should be embarrassed and ashamed to tote their user-friendly web-hosting services and then block access as completely as they have…

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